Tetbury Food & Drink Festival

22 Mar 2014

Latest Stall Holder to book in Frasers Fudge from a special young man


How Frasers Fudj started…

I have always enjoyed cooking at home, mostly sweet things like cookies, cakes and of course fudge. It all started when Mum & Dad said I could go on the school French trip but I needed to earn some money for the trip. I had made some fudge that weekend, when Mum and Dad tried the fudge they loved it so I took some fudge to school and gave some to my friends, they also loved it. I then tried some different flavours and everyone loved them. Then I said ok let’s make it into a business so that I can pay for my spending money on my trip to Paris. Now I am 11years old I can open up a bank account and this was the start of my business venture.
I have Dyslexia and by starting the fudge business it has helped me to realise my potential. Working out costs and profit margins all help me with my Maths. Mum helps me with the marketing but of course I do all the rest. My ultimate dream would be to earn enough money to go to Shanghi to visit my uncle Mark and of course source some cheaper packaging! I am in the process of visiting some packaging factorys and my Dad’s friend says I can look at his factory called Remarkable that produces eco products. I have joined an eco club at my school, Balcarras, Cheltenham and hope in the future my fudge will be packaged in recycled boxes. I hope you enjoy my fudge. I always welcome any new flavours!
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For Media enquirers please email tb@frasersfudj.com