30 Aug 2013

The Wiggly Worm


The Wiggly Worm is a charity that exists to improve health, well-being and self-esteem amongst the vulnerable, disadvantaged or seldom heard.

We love food and we love people. Our expertise is in the area of using food (the preparation and sharing of it) in practical ways to deliver physical and mental health benefits. We create life chances for those in our society who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or seldom heard.

Food is a great leveller and our approach delivers practical results to individuals, communities and organisations. Our courses and events motivate people to make choices about who they are, what they can be and who they can trust. We instill in people a reminder of their true worth in society.

Years of experience in working with people of all ages and from all parts of the world has given us a unique perspective. The Wiggly Worm team knows what works.

As a Charity we are governed by a dedicated board, which advocates sound management, quality in planning and delivery - and constant innovation.

We relish working with people whom others find difficult to engage with and can tailor make a new direction for local authorities and public sector organisations. Participants in our projects give us the feedback to constantly improve and innovate.

The Wiggly Worm is a bold and exciting charity that is achieving stunning outcomes.

We would like to thank Jenny Stewart at Raining Light Photography for all images

Charity Number: 1124647     Company Number: 6239250

16 Aug 2013

8 Aug 2013

Expert to be guest speaker at 'Old Spot' annual dinner

Local Gloucester Old Spot Breeder and "Expert" Julian Hasler of Larkhill Farm Long Newnton will be our Guest Speaker at the annual Gloucester Old Spot Sausage Appreciation Dinner on 18th September at The Close Hotel  in Tetbury

For Tickets please contact The Close Hotel directly on 01666 502272

5 Aug 2013

Duchy Home Farm Newsletter (July 2013)

The courgettes have certainly benefited, along with the outside salad, so there will be plenty for you on the Organic Waggon and at the Markets. As well as our usual, Tetbury (Thurs 10-3pm) and Cirencester (2nd & 4th Sat 8-1pm) markets, we are planning to set up under the Malmesbury Market Cross on a Tuesday morning each week, we hope this will bring our produce closer to home for some of our customers. We are just waiting for approval from the council which should go through the third week of August.

In addition, the Kohl Rabi are getting to record sizes this summer, look out for our recipe ideas sheets for some inspiration. Peppers are beautiful and are beginning to ripen, and we have just picked our first batch of green sprouting broccoli. If you haven’t yet tried a punnet of our mixed cherry tomatoes we highly recommend them, they’re sweet and very tasty, we just can’t stop snacking on them ourselves!

You may have noticed that the Organic Waggon is back to its original spot at the farm entrance now that the resurfacing has been completed. (Open 9am – 5pm Mon- Fri) Please feel free to use your visit as an opportunity to talk to us. Someone is usually close by & there is a bell on the radio, top left hand side of the stall, to get our attention if you wish. Your suggestions are always welcome.

As a response to some of your feedback, we are offering a new service, where regular customers can order their next week’s shopping, so nobody has to miss out on what we have to offer. As many of you know, some products are in higher demand. This way we will harvest especially, keep things back for you, and pack your organic vegetables, so all you have to do is pick them up! Look out for order forms at the Waggon (Mon-Fri) and the Tetbury Market on a Thursday, fill in a form and your order will be waiting for you next week on the day of your choice.

We are still very keen to hear from anybody who might like to offer some time as a volunteer on the farm in return for some vegetables to take home. We have weeding, harvesting and planting to do, which is always copious at this time of year. If any of you are interested in experiencing organic farm life please come and see us, or contact us:

Phone 01666 503056
Email vegbox@duchyhomefarm.org.uk
Close Farm, Shipton Moyne, Tetbury, GL8 8PH

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Many Thanks at the growing team at Close Farm Ami, Fred & Megan

P.S. You can also look us up on Facebook & maybe even give us a like! Search ‘Close Farm’ where we regularly post pictures and news from the farm.