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29 Jun 2014

Cookery Holiday with Authentic Adventures

Cooking Holidays in Puglia, Italy with Authentic Adventures  

Join us on 25th October 2014 for a seven night break. £1,399 with no single supplement. 
Many more exciting adventures in 2015 including cooking holidays in India and Morocco. 

Written by Cooking tutor, Ylenia Sambati  

Puglia, in the south of Italy is a delight to explore because it has all the right ingredients for a first class culinary holiday. There are a few elements that will capture your heart and inspire your imagination: among these, food, wine and lifestyle. 

Puglia has a very laid back pace of life. Its vivid colors and unique architecture, quiet country roads, olive groves and farmlands will inspire and delight you. You will be amazed by todays local culture of first class food, particularly olive oil, farm fresh vegetables, wine and healthy Mediterranean food. 

Prepare yourself for sensory overload in Puglia: Greek influenced towns, the musicality of the Italian language, the smell of the sea, the light of the Leccese stone, the variety of wines, the warm locals and the sensational tastes of Puglia cuisine. Every day will be filled with memorable experiences that will make you want to stay forever.  

Pugliese cuisine relies heavily on its local vegetables and wild greens, extra virgin olive oil, wine, and wheat production. The region also provides much of the durum wheat for the dried pasta in the South. Pane Pugliese and Pane di Altamura are both breads famed in Italy and beyond. Puglia has a noted antipasto culture.  Restaurants usually parade six or more at the start of a meal. Other places only serve antipasti: lots of fried dishes of course, but also many interesting pickled items, and a number of antipasti that just emphasize the local vegetables. Some of the most famous dishes of the region: orecchiette pasta topped with bitter greens and also fried peppers and lampascioni, a bitter bulb that is typically pickled, pasticciotto, ciceri & tria pasta, fava bean purea and chicories. 

Puglia is also famous for its bread and focacce, and for the “taralli” and “friselle”, flavored with the local herbs and spices. 

Puglia was always a prolific producer of wine and has often been referred to as the “wine cellar of Italy”. Until a few decades ago this very stout and strong wine was exported to the northern regions and to France to be used as “cutting” wine. The results are spectacular, and wines such as Primitivo, Salice Salentino, Negroamaro, Squinzano, Verdeca are now appreciated by the best sommeliers.

And Puglia is also famous for its cheeses: the burrata, so creamy that it melts in your mouth just like whipped butter, ricotta, giuncata, primo sale, Caciocavallo Canestrato Pugliese, pecorino fresco, stracciatella and many more.  

Puglia is packed with whitewashed villages, diverse art and architecture, white sandy beaches and a fascinating history of people interconnected with the land and the sea. The land is host to olive trees and vineyards. The area sees blue sky days all year round and typically has mild wet winters and hot dry summers. 

Puglia is one of the world’s largest producers of olive oil contributing around 70 percent of Italy’s production and close to 15% of the worlds. They produce in fact some of the best known extra virgin of great quality. 

Under the expert guidance of our friendly chef, you will learn how to prepare traditional Puglian dishes, which vary according to the fresh ingredients available each season. At the end of each session all participants eat what they have prepared together, tasting great food and wine. Every day you will be guided through different aspects of the Puglia cuisine: ingredients, techniques and traditions, discovering their secrets and tasting new flavours.  

Each day you will explore a complete menu from appetizers to desserts. You will learn how to prepare fresh pasta and the art of making sauces, tasty second dishes and desserts. 

For more information contact Authentic Adventures on 01453 823328.